Ottobre 2011


Tuscany in unquestionably the most important region of Italy in regards for the production of Wine. It is second to Veneto in quantity but, in terms of gross income it is number one, which implies that a smaller amount of wine sells for a higher value, therefore evidencing the superior quality in its wines. A visit to Tuscany could not be considered complete if you didn’t include at least one wine tasting tour from Florence or Siena but we can also pick you up for these tours regardless where you stay in Tuscany.
We should clarify that going to visit Chianti, Montalcino or Montepulciano should not only mean to go wine tasting all day, there is nothing wrong with that, but Tuscany has a lot more to offer than wine in terms or history, architecture, landscapes. We often give Chianti Tours to people who don’t drink nor care about wine tasting and they are among those who enjoy the area the most as they sightsee more than those that spend a lot time wine tasting! Therefore a good balance in between wine tasting and cultural sightseeing is the ideal for those who care about both, we normally advice to have one Winery Tour a day and possibly a second Wine Tasting, so as to leave time to sightsee as well in as part of the wine tours.
Before outlining the different options we offer in regards to wine tours and wine experiences, we would like to clarify the difference in between a Wine Tastings versus an actual Winery Tours.
Wine Tasting: Stopping at a winery, whether the actual wine cellars or their wine shop and taste various of their wines. This is something which may take form 15 to 30 minutes, it is not something which deserve to make specific arrangements for unless you absolutely want to taste wines of some specific estate. This has an average cost from 0 to 10 euro
Winery Tour or Estate Tour: Going to a specific Winery and tour it’s premises, including fermentation plants, cellars and in some cases bottling plant and vineyards. An employee of the winery or in small wineries the owner will give the tour explaining the background and history of the estate and their peculiarities of the wines, how the wine is made aged etc… At the end of the tour you also have a more structured and informative wine tasting of their products. This is something which may take form 45 minutes to 1h30′, This has an average cost from 10 to 30 euro.
In some wineries it’s possible to only do wine tastings in other is only possible to get a winery tours, in other you can do either of the options.
As part of these tuscany wine tasting tours we may plan as many Winery Visit and Wine Tastings as needed, If you have specific wineries in mind tell us which they are.
In either case in most estates you can buy wines and in some cases they also can ship them. (It’s worth to ship a minimum of 6 bottles, as long as you buy valuable wines, cost of shipping is @ euro 12 per bottle, therefore if you buy cheap wine it’s more the shipping than the wine.)
Blending 2 or more of the below areas and every other secondary wine production area of Tuscany in the same day or days of the wine tasting tour is naturally something which can and should be done, but the ways of doing it are just too complicated to be expressed in writing, therefore in case advice is needed on such issues, we kindly request to be able to go over the different options by phone, to better and more efficiently understand what’s needed and wanted by the clients and giving instant advices accordingly. Such assistance is given to our customers on a complimentary basis and it is unquestionably how we mean to add value to collaborating with us.


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