We are a big party, can you provide us with services?

Yes , I have more of professional colleagues who will help me take care of more numerous  parties , so contact me for suggestions.

Are your prices per person?

No, they are per vehicle.

When does the time start and end on hourly based excursions?

The time starts when I arrive at your pick up point and ends when I take you back to your hotel or final destination.

Does the driver speak English?

Yes, all of our drivers speak English. They are all from the area you are visiting. So they have very good general knowledge of your chosen destination.

Is your company licensed?

Yes, we are a fully licensed company and are required to abide by the regulations set by the Italy Council licensing authority .

What is the difference between a tour guide and driver-guide?

A tour driver ( driver-guide) and tour guide are not the same. It is to your advantage when booking a private tour to be sure that you understand the difference and know in advance what you are payng for. A tour guide has a license , usually issued by the state/ country. He or she has attended school to learn all about the sites you will see. A guide is permitted to go into the historical sites with you and tell you about the history.Naturally , their services are an additional cost. A tour driver is not licensed, has not attended ” guide” school, and is not permitted inside a site to tell you about the history. Naturally , theyr services will be more economical. Many drivers are just as well versedin the area history as a formal guide. The difference of course is that they have to tell you the facts inside of the vehicle and once you are dropped off , he or she cannot explain anything to you about history as he or she can easily get a fine from the public police.

How early do I need to book my service?

The earlier the better, especially in the peak tourist season.

Where and how will I find the driver?

Your driver will be waiting for you at the confirmed pickup location, holding a sign with your name written on it.
For Train Station Arrivals : At the end your specific platform.
For Airport Arrivals: The driver will be waiting in the Arrivals Hall of the airport which is located outside of the baggage claim area, please exit the baggage claim area at the airport to meet your driver.
For Hotel/ Accommodation Pick-Up: The driver will meet you in your hotel lobby at the designated time.If the location is not accessible by teh vehicle , an alternative pick up location will be indicated according.

Sorrento Coast Drivers

Glielmo Giuseppe

via Santa Lucia, 24/U
80067 Sorrento (NA)

Tel +39 333 6132502

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