Paestum Greek Temples and Buffalo Mozzarella taste

Paestum, named Poseidonia during the Greek age, was founded at the beginning of the VI century B.C. by a group of Achaeans coming from Sybaris, who settled in the fertile plain on the south bank of the Sele river; at the end of the V century B.C. the city was conquered by the Lucanians and in the 273 B.C. it became a Latin colony. Today it is possible to visit a wide...
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Caserta Royal Palace and Designer Outlet Village

Realized by Luigi Vanvitelli for king Charles of Bourbon in 1752, the Royal Palace is characterized by a Majestic rectangular building with four courtyards connected by galleries and by a broad park with gardens, fountains, waterfalls and sculptures. The two main façades, one facing the piazza d’Armi, the other facing the park, are characterized by a sequence of windows,...
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