This tour has been designed for those guest who wish to enjoy a complete overview of Rome.
You will have the opportunity to drive where large buses are not permitted, allowing you to see more, walk less and capture the “best of Rome”.
This exclusive tour starts at the Vatican after a 90 minute drive from the pier. It is the smallest state in the world.
Explore the richest storehouse of art in the entire world: the Vatican Museum. Walk through the Tapestry and Geographical Map Galleries, the Candelabra Gallery and the magnificent Raphael Rooms that lead to the fifteenth century Sistine Chapel which holds an invaluable collection of masterpieces like the Michelangelo’s ceiling painting of the “Creation of the World“.
Then enter the vaste expanse of St.Peter’s square through the Bernini’s colonnades into Christendom’s largest church resting on 800 pillars and littered 44 alters.
See the gilded Papal Canopy suspended over the the altar where the Pope celebrates mass, the splendid gilt and the bronze throne in the apse and one of the best known pieces of sculpture in the world – the Piet√†, Michelangelo’s masterpiece in marble.
Please note that if a mass is being taken, the entrance may be restricted, that the Museum’s are closed on sunday (except the last Sunday of the month) and Saturday afternoon. In this cases the itinerary may be altered to accomodate local conditions.
The tour then goes to Piazza Venezia known for the Victor Emanuel Monument also called “wedding cake” and for the building that was Mussolini’s headquarters.
Climb the steps of the Capitoline hill and enjoy a beautiful view of the Roman Forum with the Rostrum where Mark Anthony made his impassioned speech over the body of Julio Cesar.
Eat in a fine restaurant and enjoy lunch with plenty home-made wine.
Stop at the most beautiful in the world: Trevi. Drive by the famous Spanish steps where the finest shopping street is.
Walk through piazza Navona and do not forget your chocolate ice-cream. Visit then the imposing structure dated 27 B.C. called Pantheon where the great painter Raphael is buried.
Last stop will be in the most fascinating monument in Rome, a place where 50.000 people could assist to cruel battle between gladiators and wild beast: the Colosseum. Drive by the impressive Arch of Costantine on your return to the ship by 5:00 pm


PICK UP-DROP OFF LOCATION: at your ship in Civitavecchia port

TOUR DURATION : 8 hours ( according to your ship schedule)

TRAVEL TIME : 2 hours.


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